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Overview ~ Scaling In

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What is Open-Leg Scaling In

The Scale In tab of the Advanced Calculator is used when you are going to place several individual trades in succession as a trade moves in your favor.

The Advanced Calculator features an exact Scale-In calculation engine to let you place many levels of a trade without fear of excessive risk.

This is the tab of the Calculator to us if you like setting up a GRID of trades, either at regular intervals or at price points you specify.

Does your trade plan call for adding on to a position? You can quickly plan your trade out to perfection with the Scale-In Calculator.

The Scale-In page gives you two options: Set up each leg manually with your lot size, entry price and stop; or use the one-click auto-configure button to plan out entry levels at regular intervals (ex., every 10 pips).

See at a glance what your risk to reward will be for the complete aggregate set of trades. The Risk factors are shown in the red box at the bottom left; the Reward factors are shown in the green box at the bottom right..

Pull any one leg of the set of trades and see the remaining risk left on the table. {To delete a leg, just click on its name, such as “LEG TWO”}.

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