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Set Up Initial Account

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On the SETUP TAB you will establish the settings for each brokerage account you wish to trade. You’ll find more details about this tab in that section of the Knowledge Base (Learn More) – This is a quick overview to get you up and running quickly.

Notice that there are 4 main sections of the SETUP tab:

  1. Account Settings
  2. Financial Settings
  3. Broker Settings
  4. Trade Settings

Also notice the drop down menu at the top left corner. This shows up on each tab and is used if you set up more than one account.

Layout of the setup tab

STEP 1) Fill in the Account Settings Box

  • Enter the name of your account and its account number.
  • Choose whether you will be tracking the equity of this account manually or importing it from the Trade Log, an MT4 account or the Forex Tester.

STEP 2) Fill in the Financial Settings Box

  • Fill in the current equity of your account (you can learn more about importing this equity automatically in many cases)
  • Fill in your chosen Risk Profile. This is what percentage of your account you are willing to lose on any one trade.
  • Choose what currency you hold your money in with that brokerage account.

For a quick start ~ ignore the Trade Settings and Broker Settings for now and just fill in the account settings and financial settings. The following movie has a bit more detail or find in-depth information throughout this knowledge base.

This movie demonstrates the 7 basic steps to get setup quickly.
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