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MT4 Connection – Troubleshooting

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It makes using the Calculator so much easier if you connect it with an MT4 platform. If you have tried to do so (Learn More) and run into problems, please check out these points:

1) Is the market open?

Make sure you are attempting to connect when the market it open – not on the weekend.

If you do connect on the weekend and your broker is closed you will see a red warning message on the bottom left of the Calculator window saying you are not connected because no live price data is coming through.

2) Expired demo account?

As far as the Calculator is concerned, you do not need to use a live/ funded trading account for the MT4 connection. You may opt to run MT4 in demo mode and just have it run in the background on your PC.

But if you are running in demo, check the MT4from time to time as some brokers only extend their demo usage for 30 days. Other brokers will turn off your use of the demo MT4 platform if you have not logged a trade within 30 days on it.

Want a reminder how to open a new demo account? See this article.

Are you using an expired demo platform?

3) Choose the pairs on your MT4 platform first.

You may be seeing far greater of far fewer pairs in the Calculator than you want to be using. The number of pairs, and which pair they are, is all determined initially within your MT4 platform. Open the market watch window of your MT4 first to choose the visible pair.

How to select pairs from your MT4

4) New MT4 platform? Remember to enable DDE on it.

If you set up your Calculator some time ago and just recently opened a new MT4, you may have forgotten that initial step of connecting the DDE of the new Mt4 to the Calculator. Please refresh your memory of this one-time setup process on this page.

5) Are you seeing unexpected prices?

Are you seeing live prices brought into the Calculator, but not the ones you expect to be seeing? Just use one of your MT4s for DDE.

Check if you have more than one MT4 open at a time. If you do run multiple MT4 platforms at once (and many people do) – only have one of them linked to the Calculator for DDE. You can certainly use multiply platforms at one time for monitoring your equity and risk profile and setting up position sizing, but only one of them should have DDE turned on and be the designated platform for the Calculator to be using for pricing.

Pick one and only one MT4 from which to generate DDE

6) Most pairs are working but not all

It could be that you have selected certain pairs to be visible in your MT4 but have neglected to make the base currency pair for those other pairs also available.

As an example, you may want to see the AUDCAD or the EURCAD but do not see pip values coming in for those. (Without correct pip values, the Calculator cannot figure out position sizes for you to use in your trades.) The first thing you’ll want to check is: is the USDCAD visible on your MT4 and was it brought in to the Calculator? (Learn more about this).

In this example, the USDCAD is the base currency for the AUDCAD and the EURCAD, as well as other xxxCAD pairs. If you go into your MT4 to make this USDCAD visible, remember to go to the Calculator Settings > DDE and again click to detect pairs.

Understanding Base Currencies

7) Your broker lists currencies with a suffix

The Calculator is looking for currency pairs with a standard 6 letter code, but some brokers add a letter to their name that throws off the Calculator’s automatic detection.

Enter just the extra letters after a currency name in this dialog window. You’ll find it under the Settings menu > DDE > Suffix tab.

Some brokers will add a letter after a currency pair’s name and list it with this. So the EURUSD is listed as something like EURUSD-m or EURUSDfx, etc. If this is the case for your brokers, you need to tell the Calculator what that suffix is; do so under the Settings menu > DDE > Suffix tab.

Remember to again go to DDE > Detect and click to detect pairs one more time after you have entered the suffix.

If you move to a new MT4 platform, remember to take the suffix out again too or the Calculator won’t be able to detect the pairs on the new platform, even if you turn on DDE there.

This movie goes into this in more detail.

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