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Manual Mode ~ Open CA

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Two Methods

There are two methods for using the Open CA tab of the Advanced Calculator: Manual or semi-automatic.

The semi-automatic method uses the CONFIGURE button. With this option, all the distances or increments between entires and stops are the same: your plan is to lay them out like a grid. Read this article for more information about that.

The manual method lets you put your entry prices and stop prices wherever you see fit.

Pick Currency Pair First

The Advanced Calculator stores your trade plans for each currency pair separately as you work with it. This is a very powerful feature of the Calculator!

This means you can use the Open CA tab to lay out a trade for the EURUSD and another for the USDCHF and another for the EURJPY – then move back and forth between them, with all the information you had previously set up staying intact.

If you forget to set the currency pair first and start laying in your price and lot information, then set the currency pair – it will look like all your information is wiped out, because all the legs will go blank or have different info in them.

But in fact all the info you entered is stored with whatever currency pair was showing when you started to enter it in and will be there when you go back to that pair.

Adding Legs

To add a leg simply click the button Add Leg. Each new leg is sequentially named: Leg One, Leg Two, Leg Three and so on.

Deleting Legs

You can delete all the data you’ve entered for all your legs by clicking the button Clear All. This will return your screen to show TWO legs waiting for information to be filled into them.

Delete One Leg

There may be times you want to close one particular leg. Perhaps you changed your mind and don’t want to trade those values you entered. Perhaps that particular leg took profit or stopped out, but your other legs are still open. In any case you can hover your mouse over the title name of that leg and see it turn blue. You can then click it and it will be deleted.

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