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Example: Stop-and-Reverse

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Here is an example of using the Break Even tab of the Advanced Calculator to plan for a net-positive stop and reverse trade.

This shows a very typical setup where price has risen then stalled. This could be a turn around point for price to move down or a pause before continuing on upwards, but with a stop and reverse we have an opportunity to participate in the move either way.

Because there is some indication that price may be ready to move lower (failure to make a higher high, rejection of a strong bull candle, price moving below our moving average, etc.) we initially enter a sell trade.

But to be ready in case this is simply a pause we also put in a pending buy order just above where price will stop us out if it goes up.

In this video we are using the Forex Tester simulator to demonstrate the trade setup.

The Calculator Break Even page lets us plan our trade with precision. If we want to go into our second leg (the buy in this case) with 0.5 lots, we find exactly where the exit price would be to recover our initial loss and come out at break even. If we think we can go for more we can plan that too.

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