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Equity from the Trade Log

Update your Equity From The Forex Smart Tools Trade Log

If you record your trades in the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log, then the running balance of the equity can be automatically ported over to the Calculator for you.

Make sure you have the same name and account number in both places. The update will take place whenever the Calculator detects that the equity of an account has changed within the Trade Log.

Remember to choose Equity Source: Trade Log in the accounts settings of the Calculator.

In the example below, we only needed to add the account name ‘AXI’ and the account number into the Calculator and the equity of $500 was instantly brought over from the Trade Log for us.

Using the Trade Log as the equity source for the Calculator is particularly useful if you do not trade on an MT4 platform and if you keep your Log up to date. (If you trade on MT4, then by all means use the simpler auto-bridge we have created for that instead).

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