The Forex Trade Log - Trade Input

Enter the data about each trade you take on the Trade Input tab, so you may then use that information for record keeping, analysis and tax reporting.

Enter your trades manually or use our custom import function to easily bring in your trades from MT4 platforms.

The parameters that you have chosen to track will show up here on the Trade Input tab. The layout can be as simple or as detailed as you like.

A layout preference panel is provided so you can even arrange the location of each input box on the page.

You can choose to make each record as simple or complex as you like. A simple record would show the currency pair, direction of the trade, the date and time of entry and exit, how many pips and how much money you made or lost.

The Trade Log shows your gross wins or losses, your net wins or losses and your equity change as a percentage.

A more complex record would show notes, screenshots, lessons learned, entry, exit and session details, and other customizable parameters.

After recording a complete trade, everything that you entered about that trade is saved for future reference and can also be printed out as a PDF.

You have the ability to upload as many screenshots as you wish. Visually compare what your charts looked like as you entered the trade, another as the trade progresses, again when you exit the trade and perhaps some time later, take another screenshot to be able to analyze your exit and see if you could have stayed in longer.

Error checking is in place so that you can easily see when a trade entry has not been completed, whether duplicate ticket numbers have been entered or input-errors may have been made.

Times and dates can be set to your own GMT offset and display a rollover hint about what that time is in your local time zone. Different brokers may each have their own GMT offset.

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