The Forex Trade Log - Spread Betting

The Trade Log accomodates both Spread Betting brokers and traditional brokers. See each account independently, or combine your results for all brokers at once.

Spread betting is often accomplished on brokers' platforms that ask for trade sizes to be entered as amount per pip or amount per point. Both the Calculator and the Trade Log now work with this format. Within the Trade Log, you create accounts and designate them as 'spread betting' or 'standard, mini, micro or unit lots'. Based on that selection, the trade input page is instantly modified to display the position size in the correct format.

Within the analysis page, each report you run will show your trade size appropriately as well. You can even create reports that combine your traditional and spread betting brokers in one view.

Watch this movie to see more about spread betting in the Calculator and the Trade Log:
VIDEO: Learn more about spread betting in the Smart Tools

The Calculator also supports the use of spread betting, and the above video will show that in action as well

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