The Forex Trade Log - Progress Tracker

Creating and holding to goals in your forex trading will really accelerate your profitability. Quickly see if you are meeting your goals with the Progress Tracker.

The Progress Tracker tab allows you to graphically see the combined results of all your trades each day, each week, each month or each year.

You can create your own levels of goals or tolerance bands based on equity change amounts. Color code and name each level as you like. The Progress Tracker then shows you how many trades you took each time period, the number of wins and losses, the equity change and the net financial value.

A professional trader would never evaluate how they were doing simply by looking at the bottom line of their broker's statement. They analyze their trades and their overall trading tendencies carefully and the Progress Tracker is the easiest way to see this information at a glance.

Watch this movie to see the Progress Tracker in action:   Use The Progress Tracker To Establish Goals

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These have taken my understanding of my trading strategy to an entirely new level...

"I previously used a spreadsheet for logging my trades, both demo, live and backtesting, and found it was a pretty messy process. What was difficult for me was to be able to view historical trades in an efficient and seamless manner. Attaching the screenshots into the spreadsheet itself seemed to be the solution but clearly it was not viable in the long run.

I initially had few expectations for the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log and Calculator, but I was very impressed by how this simple tool has allowed me to analyze my trades and strategies in a way that I was never able to do previously. It is quite amazing how the tool opens you to question aspects of your trading such as your types of entries and exits, money management, and which pairs/timeframes work best for my strategy. This tool, coupled together with the Forex Tester, has taken my understanding of my trading strategy to an entirely new level. More importantly, it has allowed me to speed this process up which is very important given the significant amount of screentime required to become successful."
~ Peter Vo