The Forex Trade Log - Pick Your Parameters

pick your paramaters in the trade log

The SetUp tab is where you customize the Trade Log to be exactly what you need for your own trading style and personality.

Select only the statistics that you want to record. Scroll through the "Parameters To Track" and choose from the many options that pertain to your specific style of trading. Then populate those choices with your own names to totally customize them.

The Trade Log comes with over a dozen standard parameters you may choose to record, such as name of strategy, screenshots, pips available, stop needed, tax code, session name, notes, ideal stop, stop used, commission, MAE, MFA, lessons learned, etc.

Use the "Custom Parameters" to create your own personalized choices for criterion that you might also want to track. (e.g., ADR at time of trade, name of news report, time frame entry, target 1 hit, target 2 hit, etc.)

Make the Trade Log fit YOUR style of trading by only displaying what YOU want to see. Input only those parameters that are important to you.

Easily add parameters that become vital to your trading or subtract parameters that are no longer relevant to your current type of trading.

The Trade Log is flexible and adaptable to any and all ways of trading.

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"It's already been a rewarding experience using the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log. Using it, I discovered that during the last year the main part of my losses occur between 10-11 GMT+1. "
~ John S