The Forex Trade Log - Multi-Leg Trade Input

Finally a way to record multi-leg trades! The allocation breakdown allows you to show each of the legs of your trade, separately and together – all at once.

Whether you feather-in, feather-out, or use one of the many loss-recovery strategies, such as stop-and-reverse or cost averaging, this is the ultimate way to record those entries and exits.

Use the allocation breakdown button to simply and easily record each part of a multi-leg trade. Mathematical computations are automatically done for you based on the data of each input.

Pips won or lost are shown in 4 different ways:

  • Working pips: the comparable number of pips that the sum of your total lot size would have made or lost.
  • Maximum pips: The number of pips that the leg that went the farthest made.
  • Raw pips: the sum of all the legs added together.
  • Effective pips: if you began your group of trades with an initial position and then added on or entered additional trades in a loss-recovery mode, this is the measure of how much workpower your initial trade yielded.

The Trade Input tab will then list the number of legs taken, e.g., "This is a 3 part trade", and show the net result of the entire group of trades all together. The individual legs are always still available for review under the Allocation Breakdown heading.

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