The Forex Trade Log - Brokerage Accounts

List all of your forex brokerage accounts whether they are active or inactive, live or demo, or even accounts you set up on the Forex Tester.

Use as many brokerage accounts as you want in the Trade Log. For each separate brokerage, enter your base currency, then enter the brokerage name, account number, what currency you hold the money in, the lot type, and equity amount.

Match your equity balances to what your broker is showing you to make sure that you are credited with the correct amounts. Easily make manual adjustments such as salary withdrawals, deposit of new funds, or credits from your broker.

The Trade Log even lets you keep multiple international accounts, even if you hold your assets in different currencies with each. The daily exchange rates are automatically stored, so your end-of-period statements can all be reconciled in your base currency with great accuracy.

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"Being a trader for several years I have been playing with the idea of building a custom trade log and diary software that would suit my needs. I was already working/designing/building some software for some years when I accidentally ran into the Forex Smart Tools and was blown away! The only thing I was missing was an equity curve, but after requesting the idea and explaining the added value it was added a couple of weeks later :-) Leaving my wish list empty and I could stop my own project :-/.

Their service is awesome! And what I personally find very valuable is: ForexSmartTools is designed by two traders! You will notice this immediately as it is focused on trading and how to improve the results and it is trading-process focused and not how-many-gadgets-can-I-add-for-my-sales. That is in huge contrast to a lot of software that is out there which was built by a smart engineer/programmer who was mildly aware of trading requirements and just put a couple of windows together and tossed it over the fence to the online store. "
~ Wessel de R.