The Forex Trade Log - Analysis Reports

Turn your forex trading data into information by doing an in-depth analysis of what is making you money and what is losing you money.

The Analysis tab allows you to create your own customized reports. Print from the Trade Log or export to a spreadsheet program.

Choose only those parameters that you want to analyze. Use the Preset Editor to check the fields that you would like to display in your personalized analysis.

Drag and drop columns into the order you would like to see them displayed. Click column headings to sort.

This is a full-featured relational database that has an elegant and simple to use interface. Show as many or as few fields as you like and put them into the order you want to see in the display. Any of the standard or custom parameters you have set up are available to use in the reports. You can pick any subset as well – such as a specific date range or group of strategies or currencies.

Here are some examples:

  • If you are tracking the ADR (average daily range), you can see how well a particular strategy did when the ADR was greater than 100% of its norm.
  • Compare the stop you use with the stop actually needed for each trade and see if you are better off using a smaller or larger stop.
  • Analyze what your average number of pips taken on each trade is, compared to how many pips are generally available, based on your same entry criteria. How efficient are your exits?

Be a scientist and see for yourself what no one else can show you.

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Best instructional videos that I've seen...

"Thank you for creating these great products! I was most interested in the Trade Log, but then after watching the Frank/Adam video (on adaptive position sizing), I became convinced of the value of the Calculator as well. Also, I wanted to mention that you two do some of the best instructional videos that I've seen: concise, clear, well-paced. Keep up the good work!! "
~ Brent B