Find out where you are making and losing money in the quickest and most efficient way possible
Our Trade Log will help you identify your strategic weak points so you can stop losing money now
Increase your profits by analyzing your most effective entry and exit points
Use the Trade Log to drill down to what is working and what isn't.  One-click tools for powerful analysis.

To be a profitable forex trader, manage your trading like a well run business. Recording and carefully analyzing your trades is a major factor of success.

  • Records every trade from all your brokers
  • Reduces losses by identifying weak points in your strategy
  • Increases profit by analyzing entries and exits
  • Sorts trades to see what's working and what isn't
  • Stores screenshots and video of each unique trade
  • View equity curves for any parameter you set up, such as strategy, currency or timeframe

A well-maintained Trade Log becomes your own personal accountability coach. It is your best tool to help you record your trades and fine tune your trading habits.

The Forex Trade Log - Pick Your Parameters

The SetUp tab is where you customize the Trade Log to be exactly what you need for your own trading style and personality.

Select only the statistics that you want to record. Scroll through the "Parameters to track" and choose from the many options that pertain to your specific style of trading. Then populate those choices with your own names to totally customize them.

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The Forex Trade Log - Trade Input

Enter the data about each trade you take on the Trade Input tab, so you may then use that information for record keeping, analysis and tax reporting.

The parameters that you have chosen to track will show up here on the Trade Input tab. The layout can be as simple or as detailed as you like.

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The Forex Trade Log - Multi-Leg Input

Finally a way to record multi-leg trades! The allocation breakdown allows you to show each of the legs of your trade, separately and together – all at once.

Whether you feather-in, feather-out, or use one of the many loss-recovery strategies, such as stop-and-reverse or cost averaging, this is the ultimate way to record those entries and exits.

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The Forex Trade Log - Summaries

The Trade Log Summary tab shows you the key results of your trades sorted into a customizable format that is easy to analyze and understand.

The summary page always shows your win to loss ratio, your equity change, your average gain and loss, your number of wins to losses, and your consecutive wins and consecutive losses.

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The Forex Trade Log - Analysis Reports

Turn your forex trading data into information by doing an in-depth analysis of what is making you money and what is losing you money

The Analysis tab allows you to create your own customized reports. Print from the log or export to a spreadsheet program.

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The Forex Trade Log - Progress Tracker

Creating and holding to goals in your forex trading will really accelerate your profitability. Quickly see if you are meeting your goals with the Progress Tracker.

The Progress Tracker tab allows you to graphically see the combined results of all your trades each day, each week, each month or each year.

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The Forex Trade Log - Brokerage Accounts

List all of your forex brokerage accounts whether they are active or inactive, live or demo, or even accounts you set up on the Forex Tester.

Use as many brokerage accounts as you want in the Trade Log. For each separate brokerage, enter your base currency, then enter the brokerage name, account number, what currency you hold the money in, the lot type, and equity amount.

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The Forex Trade Log - Spread Betting

The Trade Log accommodates both Spread Betting brokers and traditional brokers. See each account independently, or combine your results for all brokers at once.

Spread betting is often accomplished on brokers' platforms that ask for trade sizes to be entered as amount per pip or amount per point. Both the Calculator and the Trade Log now work with this format. Within the Trade Log, you create accounts and designate them as 'spread betting' or 'standard, mini, micro or unit lots'. Based on that selection, the trade input page is instantly modified to display the position size in the correct format.

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You really go the extra mile...

"I want to congratulate you for the fantastic job you’ve done on the Forex Smart Tools! I was already highly impressed by the Calculator, but now that I see the Trade Log, I am frankly grateful to you both for devoting yourselves to help struggling traders like me. You really go the extra mile(s) in your video support of your products. I’m only sorry that there isn’t something else I could buy from you! Thanks a lot!"
~ Gary B