Refund Policy

Forex Smart Tools Does Not Offer A Refund Or Money-Back Guarantee On Its Tools.

If you are unsure whether you will like using our software or not, please consider purchasing the Tools using the monthly installment plan. In this way, your up-front cost is minimal and you can cancel your installment plan before the beginning of your next monthly billing period. You are only charged for one month at a time. Your contract is month to month in this case. No pro-rated refunds are given if you choose to cancel mid-month, but you'll be able to use your Smart Tools for the duration of that billing cycle even after notifying us to not renew.

The Forex Tester has a free trial available for that program so you can evaluate it before deciding to purchase it; no refund is available after purchase.

If you find a bug in our software, you can report it to us and we will fix it as soon as we can and have it available in the next build of the software.

For any further information please email us using the Contact Us form

A shining beacon...

"Maybe it’s just me; but it seems the Forex world is full of people attempting to relieve you of your hard-earned money for the latest-and-greatest, must-have strategy, indicator or system. So often do these turn out to be hucksters, charlatans and frauds that you begin to doubt the integrity of anyone purporting to offer a genuinely useful product. Just when you fear your faith in humanity has been irretrievably damaged, you come across a rare and shining beacon in the gloom.

One such shining beacon is Forex Smart Tools. They have designed a Trade Calculator and Trade Log that provide real benefits to traders. If you study all the great traders, the vast majority stress two key elements that are found in all successful traders: 1) an almost fanatical focus on ‘position size’ and, 2) religiously recording all trades (in a Trade Log)."
~ Gary T