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Thank You!

“ Great pieces of software; I've never imagined I would be saying 'thank you' for buying something from someone, whatever it is, it seems it should be the other way around – but this is the case.” ~ Vladimir

Hats off - Seriously!

“Wow, what a great accomplishment you ladies have achieved. I have reviewed and evaluated software products and their instruction system approaches for over 25 years and I have to say your detail is brilliant, simply one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to experience - Hats off - seriously! I have an entrepreneurial background and have been into so many different things over the past 30+ years, not a lot really grabs me at a level of strong appreciation, especially in the area of homegrown caring effort and extreme detail... your business and information are extensive and thoughtful especially for the novice trader. I am so happy I found your company, the way you teach and train is so inspiring and insightful, I can't imagine the amount of time it took to create the library!” ~ Ram V

Top Notch Company!

“I wanted to compliment you on the quality and speed of your service. I did not expect to receive my new key on a Sunday, but it only took a few minutes before you acted on my request. With all the internet business I do including for my own company's orders and correspondence, yours has got to be the best I've experienced in many years!! I appreciate that very much, and it goes a long way making me feel that I made a great investment purchasing from a top notch company. ” ~ Bernie A

You really go the extra mile

“I want to congratulate you for the fantastic job you’ve done on the Forex Smart Tools! I was already highly impressed by the Calculator, but now that I see the Trade Log, I am frankly grateful to you both for devoting yourselves to help struggling traders like me. You really go the extra mile(s) in your video support of your products. I’m only sorry that there isn’t something else I could buy from you! Thanks a lot!” ~ Gary B

I have just turned a corner in my trading

“The trade log and the calculator are both fantastic tools, I have just turned a corner in my trading last week with my analysis and my results, mainly because I have started putting all my trade plans down in the log before price got to my level, before that I was only entering them after. That way when price came into my zone I was ready to pounce, having all the information I needed right there, and felt SO much more confident (plus makes doing the result much easier too since you already have the info in there). I have you both to thank for creating them! Wonderful, and keep up the great work!” ~ Brendan M

You guys rock!

“I heard about smart tools because I was using the Forex Tester simulator to test some of my strategies, however, the numbers were lacking. You guys rock, this is exactly what I need to make me the Pro I want to be. It's great. Keeping accurate records is a hallmark of professionals, you guys make it easy.” ~K. Biney

The Big W's of Why, What, When and Where

"I've had my tools now for a few months or so. THANK YOU!! I love being A Smart Trader with my Forex Smart Tools :) I enjoy spending time on weekends to analyse the previous week's or month's trades. For me, the Trade Log is my Personal Accountability Manager and functions as a 'mirror' to my trading performance. The Trade Log is a must-have trader 'mirror' that reflects objectively my trade results. From this 'mirror' the Big W's of Why, What, When and Where of my trading actions are revealed in great detail. Knowledge means more than power to a trader; Knowledge is the key to realise the successful and profitable trader that lives inside each and every trader. Oh - and let's not forget W also stands for Winning Trades!!!!!!" ~ Paula S

After so many years of sifting through endless useless crap, it is a real joy to find your product.

“Thanks for you thorough and clear explanations! ) I must say your recorded material is as good as any out there and actually head and shoulders above the rest. I have been trading since the 70's and have seen it all and then some. EXCELLENTLY DONE! And this is understating the quality of your work! After so many years of sifting through endless useless crap, it is a real joy to find your product. I hope you are getting the word out on your product. It should be a smashing success. I have used most of what you cover for years, but now its going to easy! very happy camper.” ~ John S

Complete Money Management System

“Congratulations .. I really like what I see regarding your "baby". Thank you for your personal dedication, your attention to detail, and your follow through in birthing this complete money management system. From what I've been exposed to by just watching the videos on your public site... I have no doubt about what awaits me in the members area and look forward to viewing and learning from you. Many thanks for making this instrument available and affordable to all.” ~ Michael

My account is up 11%

“I have started using the calculator an and log in earnest. I have found it is really making me plan and think about my trades and giving me the patience to wait before entering a trade – letting price come to me instead of chasing it. In the last 5 trading days I made 21 trades with 19 winners and 2 losers. My account is up 11% and that is with good risk control (1% of account/trade) and waiting for the best trades. I think your programs are excellent.” ~ Paul B.

My results have improved dramatically

“Ultimate Money Management in 2 simple programs. More than that trading – my results have improved dramatically because of the discipline used. Brilliant! A "must have" for any forex trader.” ~ Mike D

I am absolutely enthralled

“I have the smart tools up and running and I find them very useful, but you know I spend most of my time going over the videos on money management. I am absolutely enthralled by them. They I think will make the most important difference in my trading. Thank you and congratulations on a job well done” ~ Kevin C

The Ultimate Edge

“I think that money management and position sizing to be the ultimate edge in trading – if we would only give half as much time consideration to the above as we do to entry techniques then we’d have a lot more happy campers. So when I was exposed to the way you support feathering in, and loss recovery strategies I knew I needed to spend my time learning these concepts. Thank you both for what you have created and shared. With gratitude” ~ Dietmar D.

A Lot is Due to "The Tools"!

“Thank you much! Now listen to this: Since last month I am +29%. A lot is due to "The Tools"! In special the Trade Log that proved to be a great 'educator'.” ~ Marcos S.

Without ANY HYPE

“WOW, I'm speechless. You are truly giving the opportunity to average guys like me to have a clear road map to master trading without ANY HYPE – just clear, concise, and practical ways to trade like a professional. Thank you.” ~ Kweku B

It's like I have an advanced trader looking over my shoulder

“That video that you made about the use of the calculator in a moving market, with pending orders, is great. It helped me to finally understand some of the questions I still had after watching the original videos. The calculator does its work after getting what I see – and then tells me what to place in the platform – and also tells me what it will look like on the chart. By doing all of the bid and ask math for me, it's like I have an advanced trader looking over my shoulder telling me which numbers I should type into my order form to actually hit my planned stop and target levels. Can't tell you how much I appreciate this.” ~ Tom M

You are way undercharging for the Calculator and Trade Log

“Incidentally, I am watching the educational videos that come with the Calculator and Trade Log. You guys are PROS!!! I am glued to the screen watching them. They are unbelievably AWESOME. I know a few people who would buy the Calculator just for the videos. You are way undercharging for the Calculator and Trade Log. The value of the videos alone is worth the price!!!!!” ~ John W

The best support

“Not only the best two tools in Forex, but also the best support. Come on... give the other guys a chance!!!” ~ Gary T

Genius! and what a revelation!

”I've been going through the videos - they're all really good - and just now watched Expectations and Goals in the Money Management section of the Video Library. Wow! First off , the idea of setting a goal - I've been doing that all my working life when I was in the corporate world - but why I didn't think that applied to forex trading I have no idea ! It does now. But then - a goal based on equity growth instead of pips and $$ - Genius! and what a revelation! I'm now a confirmed 1% club member - and I'm going to have to get my trader friends onto this. Else what kind of friend would I be? Thank you so much for the great work you've done and are doing.“ ~ Paul H

Trading Software written by Traders - for Traders

“Wow, after always having had to deal with "programmers" who try to write software for traders, now dealing with traders who write software for traders is WAY better. Thank you!” ~ John S

Best instructional videos that I've seen

“Thank you for creating these great products! I was most interested in Trading Journal, but then after watching the Frank/Adam video, I became convinced of the value of the Calculator as well. Also, I wanted to mention that you two do some of the best instructional videos that I've seen: concise, clear, well-paced. Keep up the good work!! ” ~ Brent B

It most definitely removes stress

“I am absolutely loving the Calculator. I will finally be able to do stop-and-reverse with confidence and not wondering in the back of my mind if I calculated it out right. It most definitely removes stress. Having a blast! This is a better invention than sliced bread!” ~ Rick M

I am now trading with better effect

“Thank you for the Calculator...it is a tremendous aid and your wisdom on risk has been a MAJOR help to me. Thank You ever so! In the last month, I had small wins that had I used adaptive sizing would have been 3 to 5 times larger. I had a couple of losing trades at 3.67% and several small losing trades that had I not closed them early would have gone to profit. I closed them early anticipating a greater loss. I also entered some trades early and they turned to losers, because I wanted to get as many pips as possible. Bottom line: had I used the Calculator with Adaptive Position Sizing, I would have stuck with my original trading plan, knowing I was making more profit per pip, and would not have worried about losers because they would have been only 2%. I am now trading with better effect and you may call me, Anti-Anticipating Adaptive dAvid” ~ David M

The work-flow and logic are absolutely amazing!

“Playing with the Calculator now... this is really, really sweet! So professional! I'm glad you guys built the Calculator... no-one could have done it better... the work-flow and logic are absolutely amazing! People are talking about how good your customer support is... top notch outfit you have...” ~ Gene B

Can’t imagine even placing a trade without it

“I’ve been using the calculator regularly now for several months and can’t imagine even placing a trade without it.” ~ Gary B.

I am crazy in love with your calculator

“I am crazy in love with your calculator, thanks a million. The Calculator is a wonderful tool to use to plan recovery trades! For the first time I am totally relaxed trading. The Calculator has made the difference. I love the way the trades are put in the groupings to show risk and reward. The alarms allow me to walk away and let the trade play out without changing my mine and messing it up.” ~ Carol H

Great insights on money management

“You were very patient in responding to my emails. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to work with your customers, and I am very impressed with both your efforts and your solutions. The solution is fair and allows customers flexibility in managing computers while keeping costs at a reasonable level. While the cost of the program and additional licenses is important, it is also extremely important for me to feel good about companies that I do business with, particularly when it comes to trading. I have been very impressed with what I have seen...
I have really enjoyed your calculator sessions during the recent webinar. There have been some great insights on money management and using the Calculator. If I am not careful, I may learn how to be a very profitable trader . . . ” ~ Mike V

I'm loving this adaptive position sizing

“I'm loving this adaptive position sizing...even though my average pips per trade tonight was 9.6, my account grew 5.4% today...This is such a good lesson for me that it doesn't take that much to grow the account nice and steady...thanks to you and Forex Smart Tools!” ~ CJN

The Calculator keeps my risk under control

“Just want to let you know that the Calculator has made all the difference for me. Thank you. Risk has always been a problem for me. The Calculator keeps my risk under control and lets me know my risk before I get into the trade.” ~ Dan C

I discovered when most of my losses occurred

“It's already been a rewarding experience using the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log. Using it, I discovered that during the last year the main part of my losses occur between 10-11 GMT+1. ” ~ Kristain K

With the suggested lots – WOW – that's amazing

“Just wanted to say I liked the Money Management video of March 19th. I wasn't using the calculator like this.... with the suggested lots but WOW – that's amazing.... well as of right now you ladies can call me Adaptive Simon. I feel ready to go live... I'll start small and increase lots with the money I'll put in my account every week. I LOVE YOUR CALCULATOR EVEN MORE NOW.... I want to try and get used to this new kind of technique... LOL. I was always wondering why the suggested lots were often bigger than what I was trading... anyway's what else can I say but thanks again.” ~ Simon MT

You've done the work for me.

“Why I like The Calculator is... I started putting spreads, exchange rates, drawdown etc. etc. into Excel, but soon realized what a task it was to cover everything required and I could easily spend so much time on this instead of testing strategies/ trading. So now the problems sorted! You've done the work for me.” ~ John H

I know it will protect me from myself

“Last night I attended your webinar for calculator owners and realized I had to get it. I know it will protect me from myself and not allow me to stick my neck out on oversized trades. I can plan positions before hitting the button.” ~ Gene M

I love the calculator

“I love the calculator by the way...my Dad also uses it in his trading...he lives and dies by it.” ~ Bob S

Yours beats them all

“Recognizing value isn’t hard to do with a quality product such as yours. I have hunted and tried dozens of trading logs, both online and spreadsheet, and position sizing apps - from what I can see yours beats them all. I am certainly looking forward to using both – can’t wait to enter data from brokerage account for analysis.” ~ David W

Now I can use smaller stops

“I'd been taught to put my stop beyond the previous swing hi/lo – but as I started to use the Trade Log, I was able to see that was twice the stop I actually needed for my own style of trading. Now I can use smaller stops and go in much larger. Thanks!” ~ Dave M

Finally, the ultimate Trade Log

“I've been wishing for a Trade Log like this for years. I've been recording my trades on scraps of paper and on Excel sheets for years and now I can build my own customized Log with just the parameters I want. You've transformed my record keeping. It also keeps me from going into frivolous trades because I know I'm going to have to log it and I'll see that I wasn't following my rules. This is an awesome tool!” ~ Greg F

Thanks for the terrific job you're doing

“Hi Folks! I just want to let you both know what a terrific job you are doing with The Calculator, The Trade Log and now with the Forex Tester2. I just purchased it on your website. By the way, I will be putting the program on my laptop so that it is portable. Once again thanks for the service you are providing. By the way, I have diligently entering every trade Into the Trade Log with screen shots of my charts and notations. This I am sure, with monthly perusal of the summaries, will take my trading to the next level, along with the other valuable tools and instructional and informative videos.” ~ Al W

I cannot imagine trading without it

“Great webinar on the CompassFX Forex Summit. You guys are so kind and generous. I have been through the mill the same as you. In this industry it is usually take no prisoners. I thought it was so wonderful of you to give the second computer free and even computer upgrades. Wow! I have never seen that before. It should come back to you ten fold. That is my wish for you. The Calculator. I cannot imagine trading without it. I am completely addicted to it. It has completely overhauled and improved my trading, both the trade choices I am making and the profit. WOW! WOW! Just as you said it would. By the way that video (The Calculator in Action) is phenomenal. I started using pending orders today. Takes the pressure off and better planning. I feel like my trading is 50% better since you guys started this side business of yours. I hope you make a fortune. I know my results are already showing it. No more errors.” ~ BK

Extremely easy to use

“Thank you for creating two extremely easy to use and highly effective tools.” ~ Lee P

Comprehensive and clear

“Thanks for the Forex Calculator and Trade Log. I'm amazed at how comprehensive and clear the videos in your library are, and look forward to working through them. One thing I really appreciate is that you guys obviously care that we understand fully what we're doing, and give us the full benefit of your own trading experience in both the software and the videos. Also, that you've avoided the 'Get rich quick, and hurry folks, this offer closes soon' marketing style that blights both US and UK trade coaching. Even some of the honest people do that.
Before I read about the Tester I was intending to use my TradeStation simulator facility and an Excel sheet to cut down 8 entry strategies to maybe 4, three scale in/scale out techniques to one, and four exit signal techniques to two - but it looked like a big, long haul effort (I was considering learning how to use Excel properly!). The Forex Tester and Forex Smart Tools Trade Log combination is ideal for that, so I can spend less time - a month, maybe two, practicing full time to work that out. What is so good is that with the Trade Log I should be able to see objectively which combinations of Entry, Exit, and Scaling (or not) are working best for me, rather than just feeling what is most comfortable, and maybe subconsciously working my Excel sheet to show that :-).” ~ Max R

This has moved my trading light years ahead

“WOW! You guys are so great. Using the Tester has moved my trading light years ahead - again, after the calculator. By the by, I bought and read The Outliers. Fascinating read and motivated me even more. Short story long.........I love the tester. One just becomes so fast on it after a while. I have tested six plus months of trading. Becoming Addicted lol. It has really improved my trading. Just thought I would update you and thanks again. Note: still can't believe the resistance I get from my trading buddies to buy the Smart Tools. They are Penny wise and pound foolish.” ~ Barry K

Now We Are Taking This Thing Seriously

“I love your stuff and have sent friends to purchase it directly. Keep up the awesome work......I'm a big fan. One of my friends who bought the Smart Tools said "This is the best forex tool I have every seen " and his cost average trading got better immediately. You guys seem so cool and the products are smokin' , so no reason you shouldn't be taking over the forex world in my opinion. Every mentor should be paying you to provide every new client with your stuff. I couldn't believe how professional I felt after leaving my class and having the Calculator and Trade Log. I was like: Finally, now we are taking this thing seriously. . . ” ~ Charlie J

Excellent Tool

“I seem to have become dependant on your calculator....excellent tool” ~ John B

The videos really are excellent

“A quick note to thank you so much for the special offer on the Forex Tester 2 app, which I have gladly taken up, and for your support and assistance in the short time since I’ve become a ‘member’ of the Forex Smart Tools User group. I also really appreciate the amount of time and effort you have put into producing the training videos on the ‘private’ website area; they really are excellent.” ~ Gary T

A Beautiful Product - just right for Forex

“I would like to add that you made a beautiful product, which is just right for forex. I trade using TradeStation but because of your product I will seriously consider MT4. Well done and I wish you all the best for the future.” ~ Dan SM

Thank you for all the cool videos and tools!

"Your video about 'Setting a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Equity Goal' is fantastic. Just want to let you know. Seems understanding this is the last big milestone to becoming a consistently profitable trader. Yesterday I was in a small live trade and there was a lot of profit. Because of greedy mode, I failed to lock more in. Setting a Weekly goal gives me an excellent tool and relation to achieve this. I´m very excited about this! Also a Daily goal won´t work for me, so I set the Weekly to 2-4% equity growth. Thank you for all the cool videos and tools!" ~ Karsten P