Welcome to the Bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise

As we begin to share our new blog with you, we will start by giving you some background on who we are, how we became traders and how the Forex Smart Tools were developed.

Let's start with present time ... Welcome to our office.  Evelyn sits on the left and Mindy sits on the right.  A photographer friend Fritz (Fotos by Fritz) came to take some professional photos of our office for our cabinet maker's portfolio so she took this shot.  And yes, we tidied it up before she came and lit the fire.  We designed our office to be a perfect environment for trading when we remodeled it several years ago.

The office of Forex Smart Tools

Since April 2005 when we began trading forex, we've traded every session and hundreds of strategies.  We've studied with more 'mentors' than we can keep count of.  We've put 1000's of hours into study, analysis and backtesting - and yes, we actually still do use the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log, Calculator and Forex Tester on a daily basis.

Our approach to trading has boiled down to one of our own invention - not something we've learned from others, but rather an approach born of bits and pieces that we've gleaned over the years, plus the mountain of cumulative experience we've amassed from being glued to the charts.  We trade both the London market and the late session New York market, which isn't easy because we are based on the west coast of the U.S.  And usually we also check out the Asian market to see if our setup shows up.

We trade a short term chart and stick to two or three pairs at most.  We use a minimum of indicators and are always flat at the end of a day.  Sometimes we trade our company's account independently, but when we're both in the office together we'll consult each other on the setups.  If we have to argue too much for a setup, that's a sure sign it's not solid enough to take.  We log every trade we take with screenshots before, during and after the trade so we can review the decisions we made going into each trade... even weeks after we took it.

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We look forward to sharing more about our trading experiences in upcoming blogs.

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