Session Reminder


*This product is an add on for The Forex Tester

One Of Our Favorite Indicators

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(Watch the movie above too). When we use the Forex Tester (which we do a lot!) we want to make sure we test for exactly the time period that we intend to trade in real time – so we had a special indicator coded for us that exactly serves our purposes. We had been using the Time Box indicator we had coded, but found it less satisfactory, because the box starts drawing slightly after the session begins. This new Session Reminder indicator is super precise, and we really love using it.

You set the color, the icon and your choice of position: above, below or to the right of the candle. In the illustration below, we have applied the Session Reminder indicator to our chart 6 times to enable us to easily see where the London Session begins, and when 2 hours into the session have elapsed:

  1. Above the 9:55 candle
  2. Below the 9:55 candle
  3. To the right of the 9:55 candle
  4. Above the 11:55 candle
  5. Below the 11:55 candle
  6. To the right of the 11:55 candle

The indicator works with any time frame. If you use a 5 minute chart, it will be placed on the candle beginning 5 minutes before your designated hour. If you use a half hour time chart, it will be placed on the 30 minute candle before your chosen hour; in other words, it adapts perfectly. The session reminder is not intended for time frames above 4 hours.

Session Reminder