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We offer our own training and support in the use of the Forex Tester.  This training is offered free of charge to customers who have bought the Forex Tester directly from us. If you have already purchased the Forex Tester through another site and would like to benefit from our in-depth and comprehensive training material as well, we offer you two choices:

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2) Buy 6 or more months of either the Standard or VIP Data Plan for the Forex Tester through us. If you want to use this option, please click the orange button now:

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3) Buy the Upgrade from Forex Tester 2 to Forex Tester 3 from us.  Here's the link:

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Either choice you make is a one-time cost to you.  The door to the Tester training is unlocked forever more.

And you know how well we teach and explain things… wait 'til you see what we have waiting for you in the Forex Tester training area of the site! Please note - there are components to the training that are specific to Version 2 of the Tester that may not be relevant to Version 3, but there is also much of the training that is useful to understanding how best to use a tester in general.

Watch a demonstration video about the Forex training (3:35)

The Forex Tester - Complete Educational Course

The most complete, in-depth and comprehensive training course in the use of the Forex Tester is available to you free when you buy the Forex Tester here through Forex Smart Tools – And you can even enroll in the course if you already own the Tester.

  • Quick Start ~ 11 short videos to get you up and running quickly
  • Further Steps ~ Saving projects, adding indicators, creating templates and more
  • Tips & Tricks - a series of videos about shortcuts that make your testing a breeze.
  • Become a Power User: Get more out of the time you spend on the Tester and maximize your efforts into more profits in your real trading.
  • Once you get your simulated trading to a high level on the Tester, you'll really be interested in the 10 core lessons we offer in how to match your live trading to your tester results.
  • Learn how to integrate the Forex Smart Tools Calculator and Trade Log with the Tester to bring accurate money management into your test runs and to analyze your trades in depth. These two steps will increase your profits and help you fine-tune your approach to trading, to weed out losing strategies and habits.
  • Our extensive FAQ answers all the questions we've ever been asked about the Forex Tester, in an easy-to-use format.
  • We also offer our own collection of templates and indicators in addition to what is already included with the Program, along with inspiration from other Forex Tester owners.


No one else offers this kind of complete instruction, and it comes from our years of actually using the Tester in our own trading development here at Forex Smart Tools. We are the developers of the Forex Smart Tools Calculator and Trade Log and we are also full time professional forex traders, registered with the NFA and CFTA. We ourselves use the Forex Tester regularly and have for many years, and we're here to tell you that if you want to make it in forex, you need to be using it too.

watch video (3:35)

If you own the Forex Smart Tools and have logged into the Private Membership area of our website, you may have noticed that the Forex Tester area of education is dimmed out. This will be the case if you bought the Forex Tester from the Forex Tester site directly or from another one of their affiliates.

The Forex Tester company provides their own education (which cover the basics in a rudimentary way) - and you have access to that of course from them.

We are a separate company. We are Forex Smart Tools and are the creators of the Forex Smart Tools Calculator and Trade Log. We are re-sellers of the Forex Tester and friends of the developers of this wonderful program.

For the people who buy the Tester from us, we provide extra education that we have created ourselves for our own customers - free of charge. But if you did not buy the Forex Tester from us, we offer this super duper training for a modest fee.

Our training was created based on having used the Forex Tester ourselves for many many years. We are also expert educators, so we have worked very hard to make the tutorials we created for the Forex Tester to be the best available.