Forex Tester Upgrade


Upgrade to Version 3 of the Forex Tester

New Features

  • Upgrade Your Existing Forex Tester 2 license to the new Forex Tester 3

The following table summarizes many of the new features. For more in-depth information see this page:

Click to see more info about the features of Forex Tester 3

Feature Forex Tester 2 Forex Tester 3
Simplified mode system History + Testing modes One aggregate mode
Automated ticks generation Uses 1 core of your PC's processor Utilizes all processors cores for speeding up the testing
Keep all testing parameters in the projects Time consuming five-step process One-step process
Number of simultaneous currency pairs for downloading 1 pair at a time Any number of pairs at a time
Increased data downloading and processing speed Single-threaded data downloading Multi-threaded data downloading
Profile (desktop) saving
Smart Profit Chart for analyzing the strategy's performance Only main features Features to perform detailed analysis
Automated time shift for all of the project's currency pairs
Number of built-in EAs for automated testing 1 Three for now, but users of Forex Tester 3 will have more EAs soon
Easily move SL/TP levels of pending orders with the mouse - Save time on placing and changing orders
Use the software on multiple monitors
Any number of monitors
New, more user-friendly software registration scheme - Faster and easier
Renko bars
Organizing of the workspace based on preferences - New doc-interface where you can detach, merge and move any window or tab
Shows real number of ticks Not always Always
Hotkeys for all functions Only preset hotkeys Assign custom hotkeys to any functions
New graphical tools for analysis and chart markup Lines, waves, Fibo, shapes Lines, waves, Fibo, shapes + signs, thumbs up & down, arrows, price labels
Other user interface improvements - 7
Accelerated testing process - Software works faster with the same computer capabilities
Add comments to the orders for more quickly finding and analyzing
Undo most long-term operations (especially useful when downloading data from the server) - Allows you to instantaneously correct mistakes
List of objects - Simplified access to the search, editing and deleting of the graphical objects