Forex Smart Tools Collection

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Includes both the Trade Log and Calculator

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Licensing Info

  • Your purchase of the Forex Smart Tools comes with both the Trade Log and the Calculator.
  • You will have two licenses for your own use – one for your home computer and one for your work, or one for your laptop and one for your desktop, etc. Both licenses must be for your own computers and cannot be split to share with someone else.
  • The software is attached to your computer and cannot be registered with the same key on another computer. If you upgrade or replace your computer, you will be able to move the Forex Smart Tools software to your new computer at no extra cost. We will then issue you a new license and disable your original license.
  • Your purchase also includes access to our private members-only web site featuring comprehensive instruction in money management principles, analyses of some different approaches to trading, access to recorded webinars and tips for using the Forex Smart Tools, available exclusively to our customers.
  • Your purchase confirmation email will contain a link to download the software. After you install and start either the Trade Log or the Calculator, you will be asked to enter your name and email – that begins the licensing process. Within 24 hours we will email you that we have completed the activation and your software will be ready to use.


Get the best pricing for the Forex Smart Tools and Forex Tester when you buy all three Tools together. Save an additional $25-$40 – beyond even the 12% discount we normally offer on the Forex Tester.

When you buy the Forex Smart Tools Collection, you receive two licenses for the Calculator and two licenses for the Trade Log. The Forex Tester comes with one license for one computer. If you want to have the Forex Tester on two computers, you'll receive additional savings when you buy your second license now in the bundle.

  • Buy 1 Tester license with your Smart Tools Collection and save $25 off the price of buying them separately.

You may also choose to buy the Trade Log or the Calculator independently at any time.

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If you only need one of the Tools but not the bundle, we also offer them separately.

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