Try Before You Buy

$25.00 / month for 13 months


For just $25 you can try out a fully-featured version of the Smart Tools for a month and see if you like them!

  • For just $25 you can try out the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log and Calculator for a month, with no further obligation.
  • If these Tools are not for you, just let us know before the month is over and there will be no further charges on your account.
  • If you want to continue using the Tools, your charge card or PayPal account will continue to be charged just $25 each month, up to 13 months - at which time you will then own the Tools with no further payments due.

Early Pay-Off of The Plan

Pay-Off Your Trial Plan Now

Number of Months Paid In  
1 299 service fee discount if you pay-off lease in first month
2 299
3 275
4 250
5 225
6 200
7 175
8 150
9 125
10 100
11 75
12 50
13 25

Cancellation of The Trial Plan


You are free to cancel your Plan at any time without any penalty, or you can suspend it for awhile and then renew it later to pick up where you left off.

To make these modifications please log into your account now:    Manage My Subscription

  • Your lease of the Forex Smart Tools comes with both the Trade Log and the Calculator.
  • The Try Before You Buy Plan gives you one license for one computer. If you continue with the payments, you get a second license free when all payments are complete. If you need a second license before that time, you can sign up for a second plan to run at the same time. Both plans count toward your complete ownership costs.
  • The software is attached to your computer and cannot be registered with the same key on another computer. If you upgrade or replace your computer, you will be able to move the Forex Smart Tools software to your new computer at no extra cost. We will then issue you a new license and disable your original license.
  • Your lease also includes access to our private members-only web site featuring comprehensive instruction in money management principles, analyses of some different approaches to trading, access to recorded webinars and tips for using the Forex Smart Tools, available exclusively to our customers.
  • Your purchase confirmation email will contain a link to download the software. After you install and start either the Trade Log or the Calculator, you will be asked to enter your name and email – that begins the licensing process. Within 24 hours we will email you that we have completed the activation and your software will be ready to use.

The Forex Tester - Free Trial Version

You can try the Forex Tester2 software before buying it, by clicking here:

Download Trial Version

The free version of the Forex Tester has some limitations relative to the full version:

  • You can test no more than 1 month of historical data.
  • You can only test for 30 minutes at a time – then you must close and re-open the Tester.
  • You cannot save testing results, projects or templates.
  • All other features are the same as they are in the full version.
  • Forex Smart Tools has created its own instructional videos and tips for use for its customers.
  • Our full instructional videos are only available to those who have bought the Tester from our site.

To remove these limitations and be able to watch our videos, you must purchase the software.

You'll be able to figure out a lot about how to use the program on your own, but since the trial program doesn't really come with a full course of instruction, if you want to learn to use the program in-depth we have this special offer for you: Buy our complete training program, and if you decide to go ahead and then buy the Tester from us, we'll fully rebate the cost of the training program to you (since it's included for free when you buy the program from us).