Early Pay-Off of Installment Plan

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Product Description

Thanks for beginning to use the Smart Tools through the Installment Plan - and congratulations on being ready to step into full ownership now. If you are paying off your Plan within the first month you receive a discount in the service fee for using the Installment Plan.

If you are not sure how many months you have paid into the plan, please contact us first. If you have been leasing two licenses ($50 a month) then each month counts as two.

If you are currently paying with PayPal, click here to UNSUBSCRIBE, or ask us to do it for you.

Number of Months Paid In Remaining Fees
1 300
2 275
3 250
4 225
5 200
6 175
7 150
8 125
9 100
10 75
11 50
12 25