People often ask us what we do in our free time.  We tell them that we make complex tile and glass mosaic designs on old basketballs that we've covered with concrete.  And we also tell them that we're the only two girls in our Friday afternoon welding class at the local City College. But what we really do in our free time is we make movies.  No, not those kinds of movies!  We make short videos about how to use our Forex Smart Tools and the Forex Tester.  And who do we make these movies for???  We make them for you.  We just finished making a series of 53 short videos focused on using the Forex Tester.

Why did we make all of these movies?  Because over the years that we've been using the Tester, we've discovered better and better ways to work with it and we wanted to pass these on to you so you could shorten the learning curve and start testing your own strategies much more quickly and easily.  For example:

Every time we would set up a new month for backtesting on the Forex Tester, we'd go through the daylight savings time dance.  That means one of us would remember to ask the other if the template for daylight savings time was turned on or off.  A little detail like that does make a difference if you're testing a certain time frame, which we always do.  So we made a little movie about how to do that.

And also sometimes we get on a roll with the Tester and halfway through a month, we make one little change in our stop loss or our take profit and then we want to go back the last 3 months and make those changes to the rest of the trades we've taken and see how the bottom line changes.  So we made another little movie that shows you how to save your trade information and then be able to play it back again and see where each trade happened so that you can test out your modification without having to start all over.

And there are the times that we would save a project and then start a new project and then try to reopen the first one and it refused to open.  So there's a movie that shows how to deal with that when it happens.

There are drawing tool tricks like how to duplicate your lines for equilateral channels or how to name and store a modified template.  And then there are all the quick-tip videos we made showing you shortcuts that make testing smooth like butter.

We went further, creating videos that show you how to scale out of a trade or how to compare different exit plans and mark them so that you can analyze your results.  And of course since we created the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log, we demonstrate the best way to use the two tools together so that you can do a complete analysis on the strategies that you are using.

In fact, we made so many videos that it became a whole course in how to use the Forex Tester, something that even the creators of the Tester don't have available.  And it's free if you buy the Tester from us, or if you own the Tester already, you can either just buy the data plan and get it for free or else pay only $49 and the whole course is yours.

We do a lot of backtesting on the Forex Tester because we're always seeing if we can pull a few more pips out of the market.  It's really because of using the Tester over years and years that we've been able to hone and refine our own strategies.  You won't get better at trading by just sitting in front of the charts looking at trades that have already happened.  Those lagging indicators are going to mess with your head and make it look a lot easier than how it really looks when a trade unfolds in real time.  In fact a lot of lagging indicators have probably repainted by the time you're looking at those static charts and they are designed to trick you and have you see things that weren't there when it was live.  Even candle patterns and price action formations look very different in hindsight than they do as they are forming.

Start the new year off right.  Buy the Forex Tester (we offer the lowest prices available for it) and test your strategies.  Take our Forex Tester course and learn how to recognize your set up as it is occurring in what feels like real time.  Become a professional trader and quit blowing up account after account.  Isn't it time you started making real money???

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