The Forex Tester - with the Smart Tools Trade Log & Calculator

The Forex Smart Tools Calculator and Trade Log have been designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with the Forex Tester.

Sync your Forex Tester to your Smart Tools Calculator and both equity and pip value - the two critical pieces of the equation for accurate position sizing - will be automatically imported into the Calculator. The pip value of many currencies changes dramatically over time and you cannot use today's pip values to accurately compute your position sizes for a trade from a few years ago. The Calculator will take care of this for you by bringing those historical prices directly into the Calculator and doing the pip value calculations for you. Using accurate position sizing means you are truly testing as you will be trading - controlling your risk just like a professional trader.

Sync your Forex Tester to your Smart Tools Trade Log and easily import your trade statements from the Tester into the Log. Each trade is recorded, allowing you to make notes about the trades, store screen shots of each trade, record what you learned from each, compare one strategy to another, and do all the in-depth analysis that only the Trade Log lets you do. In the Trade Log, you can set up an unlimited number of Tester accounts, each with its own test runs and strategies to make comparisons easy and fast.

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With the suggested lots – WOW – that's amazing...

"Just wanted to say I liked the Money Management video of March 19th. I wasn't using the calculator like this.... with the suggested lots but WOW – that's amazing.... well as of right now you ladies can call me Adaptive Simon. I feel ready to go live... I'll start small and increase lots with the money I'll put in my account every week. I LOVE YOUR CALCULATOR EVEN MORE NOW.... I want to try and get used to this new kind of technique... LOL. I was always wondering why the suggested lots were often bigger than what I was trading... anyway's what else can I say but thanks again."
~ Simon MT