Questions and Answers About The Forex Tester Simulator

Is this the same program sold on the Forex Tester website?

What's new in version 3 - Forex Tester 3 ?

Do MT4 indicators or EAs work on the Forex Tester?

Can I use the Forex Tester on more than one computer?

What standard indicators come with the program?

Can I see multiple time frames simultaneously on the Tester?

Can I see multiple currencies simultaneously on the Tester?

Are The Forex Smart Tools compatible with the new Forex Tester Version 3?

Do I need to subscribe to the premium data plan too?

If I get a new computer can I move my license for the Tester to it?

How does the Forex Tester compare to the MT4 Strategy Tester?

Your Trade Smarter page talks about a Back Tester. Is this the same program you offer for free?

Will the Tester throw my timing off?

Which currency pairs are available to test?

I tried the demo version, but I can't see enough candles in the past to analyze.

How can you really base future price action on past history?

Can I store multiple profiles on the Tester like MT4 lets me do?

How can I find a different indicator I want to use that I don't see already listed?

I have a custom indicator for MT4. Will it work on the Tester?

Are Renko or Range Bars available on the Tester?

Does the moving average indicator allow for shifting?

Do I need to synchronize my Tester charts to my live platform?

I tried the free trial and the prices seem to be off compared to my live broker

Can the Tester run on a Mac?

Can the Tester run on a VPS?

Is this an immediate download I can use right away? Or is this a boxed program which is delivered to one's door?

In a webinar you gave, you mention having hours of training videos. Is that for the tester?

Do Dean Malone's Synergy indicators come with the program?

Do Craig Harris' indicators come with the program?

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