The Forex Tester - Additional Features

  • Add dozens of indicators and save layout templates.
  • Save different strategies and test runs - easily pick up where you left off.
  • Ability to have two or more currencies play out at the same time.
  • Go forward tick by tick or candle by candle.
  • Go back candle by candle (go ahead - have a "do-over" from time to time).
  • Powerful and speedy, not at all sluggish in playback.
  • Develop an intuitive sense of the market flow as you watch time sped up.
  • Begin testing from exactly the date you specify.
  • Reports number of wins, losses, expectancy, profit factor and so much more.
  • Easier than MT4 to place trades and to set stops and take profits using a visual eye-dropper.
  • Quickly change between watching candles play out tick by tick, minute by minute or any time increment you choose.
  • Each entry and exit you take is clearly labeled - glance back and see them (see screen shot).
  • Variable spreads in data available from 6 brokers since 2010 - SEE DATA PLANS.
  • Balance and equity charts maintained.
  • The newest version of the Tester features Range Bar charts.

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Now I'm like a finely tuned athlete...

"I struggled with my trading, entries, exits, patience etc. The way I really conquered it was I use a trade simulator now. I pick my times to trade live, and spend the rest of the time on my trade simulator. I can trade a whole 24 session ( forward*, not back test ) in about 60 - 90 minutes.

I trade the simulator, looking for trades. When I see one, I stop the simulator, evaluate the trade, the stop loss I need to use, the lot size I will place based on the Calculator, the exit I will look for – and then restart the simulator.

By doing this over and over again in fast speed, I see the set ups that fail easier on live trading and the ones that win easier as well.

I have taken my live trade this morning...and now I am on my simulator until Frankfurt it is like I am a finely tuned athlete when my live trading comes up."
~ David G