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Version 2.5.17 Release Notes

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Once we receive your purchase confirmation, we will license your software to you. Simply fill out the information in the dialog. This is not a trial program. The program will not work without being activated by us.

Run each program to initiate the licensing for that program. Please use the same details for the license request for each Tool (same email, name and country). Please make sure you are installing your Forex Smart Tools onto the same computer on which you want to use the programs. Your Calculator and Trade Log will both be licensed to THIS computer after your purchase.


All the instructions for the use of the Smart Tools are in the form of Video Tutorials. You have access to the complete library from the Help menu of both Smart Tools, or the big blue question mark in the upper right corner of the Log or Calculator. You can also login from any page of the website - look at the footer at the bottom of any page and click 'My Account'. You may also access that library directly from this link:


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I won't be trading without it...

"From my very first lesson about Forex trading a trade log was listed as critical. But they are extremely labor intensive to keep by hand. Although I have only used the Forex Smart Tools Trade Log for a short period of time, it has already improved my thinking about trades. Now, what is important is the result of each technique that I use. The Trade Log makes it easier to keep track precisely what the result of each technique is. I am still ramping up my usage, but I won't be trading without it."
~ Mel F