Like a pro, know your correct position size before you enter every trade!
Trading is not gambling.  You need to understand your risks to optimize profits
Easily calculates position sizing and risk management for all strategies and styles of trading.
Knowlede is the key to successful trading.  Forex Smart Tools Calculator puts all the data you need at your fingertips

Professional Forex traders believe the key to success and consistent profit is how well you manage your money. Use the Calculator to achieve precision in your own money management.

  • Regardless of your strategy or style of trading, before entering a trade it's critical that you know your correct position sizing and risk-control. This is the heart of money management that leads to success and long-term profitability.
  • The Calculator has several tabs that fine-tune this information for different styles of trading, including cost-averaging, stop-and-reverse, multi-leg positions based on feathering-in, and straddle or pending orders.
  • The Calculator is a free-standing PC application that lets you quickly and easily see this critical information for each currency pair you trade.

The Forex Calculator - Risk Profile Settings

On the Setup tab you'll enter your equity, risk profile, and features about your charts, your broker, and your trading style preferences.

The risk profile is the percent of your account that you are willing to lose if the trade goes against you. Don't be surprised by a loss larger than you feel comfortable taking! Set the risk profile in advance in the Calculator setup tab and then trade with confidence.

The Calculator also works for traders using Spread Betting brokers, showing you amount/pip so you can monitor risk precisely with this style of trading too.

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The Forex Calculator - Fast Position Sizing

If your trading style includes grouping trades in a Loss-Recovery strategy, such as stop-and-reverse or cost-average, or a combination of the two approaches, use the set up tab to set your money-management parameters.

Predetermine how many legs of a trade you want to plan ahead for.

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The Forex Calculator - Plan Your Trade

The Trade Plan tab is the heart of The Calculator. Very quickly and easily, the most detailed and thorough planning of a trade is undertaken here.

This one straight-forward tab handles all your currency pairs and multiple trades simultaneously.

Doing this advance planning allows you to maximize your position size and profit, without taking on more risk than you intend. It also allows you to accurately reduce your position size when a stop is larger than you ordinarily trade, and still be able to take the trade with safety.

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The Forex Calculator - Stop & Reverse Plans

If you use any loss-recovery method such as stop-and-reverse or cost-averaging, this sophisticated yet easy-to-use page of the Calculator lets you see your maximum risk potential before you put on your trades.

Plan ahead by setting out the entries and stops of all your intended legs in advance, so that you can gauge your risk and decide exactly how aggressive or conservative you want to be.

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The Forex Calculator - Scale-In Trade Plans

The Calculator features an exact Scale In Calculation Engine to let you place many levels of a trade without fear of excessive risk.

Does your trade plan call for adding on to a position as it moves in your favor? Then quickly plan your trade out to perfection with the Scale In Calculator.

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The Forex Calculator - Cost Averaging Plans

The Open Leg Cost Average tab is designed for traders who hold an overall position consisting of several trades at different entry points.

Here's an example: You went long the EURJPY, and price moved against you – but not enough to stop you out. It then sets up at a lower price that still looks good for a buy, and you place a second long trade, without having closed out your first trade. Both are still open. This is called 'open-leg cost averaging'.

Where is your break even price for this combined trade? This critical information is computed for you and shown on The Calculator as your break even price.

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The Forex Calculator - Monitor Total Exposure

What's the difference between an inexperienced trader and a seasoned professional? New traders always think in terms of how much money they stand to make in a trade. Professional traders always think in terms of how much money they stand to lose in a trade – that's the difference.

Professional traders manage their overall risk to achieve long-term success.

New traders ignore risk in their quest for immediate profit, and are quickly chewed up and spit out by the Forex markets.

The Calculator gives you the tools to monitor your risks like a pro.

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The Forex Calculator - Live Pip Values & Rates

The Currency Rates tab is the interface between The Calculator and your forex broker, showing live price feeds and pip values.

Connect to live price information via DDE. Simply use a free demo MT4 to bring prices into the Calculator and everything else is automatically set up for you.

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I cannot imagine trading without it...

"The Calculator. I cannot imagine trading without it. I am completely addicted to it. It has completely overhauled and improved my trading, both the trade choices I am making and the profit. WOW! WOW! Just as you said it would. By the way that video (The Calculator in Action) is phenomenal. I started using pending orders today. Takes the pressure off and better planning. I feel like my trading is 50% better since you guys started this side business of yours. I hope you make a fortune. I know my results are already showing it. No more errors."
~ BK